Welcome to our Digital Science Portfolios!

Please take the time to view the digital portfolios on this site as a way to see what our 8th graders are learning in science and STEM classes. Our focus throughout the year is to complete online simulations and other inquiry type activities to learn more about the molecular structure of atoms in addition to the other important concepts needed to better understand chemistry. The online resources we are using in class is a GREAT way to see abstract concepts come alive. In addition to using online resources your CT (Critical Thinking) skills are applicable in each of these activities in order to gain a deeper understand about chemistry and the world around us. As the year progresses we'll incorporate some of the science lessons from the following website.

States of Matter.jpg
A Summary of Our Unit on Matter

Introduction: The first goal of setting up your digital portfolio is to include a summary of the overall purpose for your portfolio page. For each activity you post please provide a reflection or the purpose for completing the activity and why you chose to post this project over the others you've done in class. In addition, you want to include what CT skills were used during each activity and include evidence that lead you to this conclusion. Include what piece of technology you used to complete the task. Please end your reflection with something you want other people to learn by viewing your portfolio page. I've included a link to our class website for easy reference to some of the activities we've completed. Every quarter you need to include the following to earn full credit:
  • at least one or more Web 2.0 tools
  • a lab you completed in class (ie the popcorn lab, ice balloon or volume lab.....)
  • a virtual lab you completed (include a screen shot and link to the site)
  • a summary of one of your STEM project or other projects you completed during the quarter. Be sure to include a link (embed it within the text) so others can view it.
  • embed a digital project you completed from English, history, or math
You'll receive a test grade for your digital portfolios each quarter so make each entry you post is meaningful to you and your classmates (see rubric).

In addition to science projects our robotics and STEM activities are posted on this site to demonstrate all the hard work students accomplished this year. The robotics team designed robot that played pinball, produced a movie trailer and a website to market the robot.

Our Robot Pinbot

Charles Law: (page 480)
  • Explain the purpose of the activity....
  • What variables or units were measured
  • Why did you use a line graph instead of a bar graph
  • Did you find a pattern in the data
  • What type of relationship did you notice in this activity
  • Make make a prediction of what the pressure would be at 30 and 35 degrees Celsius
  • What were the difficulties in this activity and how did you overcome them
  • What CT skills did you use during this activity
  • Is there anything in particular you want people to notice when they view your graph

SLIME (Activity)

  • here is a resource to use but you need to use other as well
  • copy the URL of each resource you use
  • what is the difference between a physical and chemical change